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Rider Fit & Bike Set Up

Rider Fit & Bike Set Up

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Just bought a new bike or need help learning the specifics on proper setup?  Hopping on a new bike without setting it up correctly can be frustrating, overwhelming and may end in a shrug and an "oh well, it's good enough". We can help with that!

Our goal is to help riders get the BEST experience possible by fitting the bike specifically to each individual. By doing so, we are able to maximized the bikes potential and enhance rider experience! 

For Mountain Bike Fitting: Book Alex or Jason

For Road Bike Fitting: Book Joe 

What's included? See below!

- Suspension (Air Pressure, sag measurements & add/subtract volume spacers)

- Saddle height / pitch / seat rail positioning 

- Headset stack height / steer tube cutting if needed

- Bar roll and cockpit set up (cut bars if needed / levers & control placement)

- Tire pressure settings and recommendations 

Each fit is complimented with a 1 hour 1on1 coaching  session *discount code*



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