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Intense Tracer 275 Rear Shock Upgrades & Reviews

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NOTE: All shocks are shim-tuned to your weight and riding style specifically on an Intense Tracer 275. We'll email you for this info upon order.

Monarch Plus RC3 on an Intense Tracer 275: The set it and forget it shock

The previous Monarch Plus design had much to be desired, as it was very situational depending on the Tracer’s VPP suspension geometry. However RockShox’ new Monarch Plus RC3 was redesigned and created to fix and answer all of their past problems. The shock features a very easy to use three position compression lever and a near lock out switch for climbing. RockShox has also added a much needed “DebonAir” air sleeve, which allows for better handling in cornering, sensitive and responsive small bump compliance, and a large enough reserve to be able to handle some of those bigger hits and sends. This design works magically with the VPP’s end of stroke progressive leverage curve.

While the Monarch Plus RC3 is good for those riders who want to throw on a shock, take a couple minutes to set it to their ride and start pedaling out, it leaves something to be. The Monarch doesn't have the adjustability and the tuning capability that a CaneCreek shock does, but the Monarch wasn't designed to be a complicated rear shock it was made for the simple rider who doesn't want to spend an hour setting up their suspension. It has three direct modes for climbing and intense pedaling, when it comes to a mix of pedaling and descending it has its mid compression, and when going downhill on steep rocky terrain there's a mode for that too.  Chainline will send you a Monarch Plus RC3 that’s custom-tuned for your weight and how aggressively you ride your Tracer.  This is truly an amazing, “set it and forget it” Intense Tracer 275 shock.

 CCDB Inline on an Intense Tracer 275: The ultra-light, ultra-tuneable shock for lighter riders and those under 200lbs

Like the Cane Creek Air and Coil before it, Cane Creek’s Double Barrel Inline rear shock offers a large array of adjustment options without adding an over complex setup process. It features Cane Creek’s new climb switch that simply firms low speed rebound and compression for a better climbing experience on those long cross country rides but with a flip of the switch can descend into a bike parks steep terrain. Combine the climb switch with the Intense Tracer’s VPP design, and you’ve got an insanely efficient Tracer. It’ll scramble up climbs like no other. Its twin tube system and four way adjustable damping offers the perfect riding experience when tuned to your appropriate weigh, riding habits, and frame geometry. The Inline, the lightest option of the bunch is also quite light at only 293 grams and doesn't sacrifice performance output for the weight difference.

Cane Creek’s goal with the Inline was too achieve a great climbing tool that could still react efficiently on the downhill, but of course the shock can only push as hard as it won’t be able to out perform some of the sturdier shocks such as the Double Barrel Air or the Monarch Plus RC3. Some people may deter from getting the Inline or other Cane Creek shocks because of the number of adjustments and knobs that they have to learn how to adjust, but with Cane Creek’s helpful customer support and detailed shock instructions the shock can be correctly tuned for the rider and bike at hand. The Cane Creek DV Inline is one of our favorite trail riding shocks on our275

 Cane Creek DB Air on an Intense Tracer 275: Fully tuneable downhill shock for the aggressive riders and those who weigh 200lbs+

The Cane Creek Double Barrel Air is the do it all shock. Its capability to do trail, all mountain/enduro, and downhill makes this shock a good choice for the275 rider that uses their Tracer for all kinds of riding. This air sprung shock features a high and low speed compression, rebound adjustment, and air pressure for the air can. The air can is also removable and an inner air can is revealed that helps with bottom out protection for heavy riders. Even where most shocks focus an aspect and lose performance in another, the Double Barrel Air manages to impress in all categories.

Of course tuning is always a hassle to do, but without the ability to use your hands to turn knobs and dials, tuning the Cane Creek Air is quite tedious. However, Cane Creek provides a tool that allows you to tune your shock, and proved a large array of set up options for your riding attitude and body weight, but on the trail adjustments require that you bring said tool with you.  The CCDB CS (climb switch) option is available for those who do long climbs and need maximum efficiency out of their VPP suspension.  The standard CCDB doesn’t have a climb switch and saves you some money.  For a more aggressive Enduro built275 we prefer the DB Air.  If you push your Tracer 275 to its maximum downhill capabilities, or are a 200+ lb rider, the DB Air is a better choice for you than the DB Inline.

Kirk Bos on an Intense Tracer 275:  Mind-blowing, ultra-premium, insanely buttery do-all shock.  This is the RS Monarch Plus shock’s older brother who plays professionally in the NFL…as a star quarterback.

Bos’ Kirk enduro shock has gave the industry a shock with a world cup feel for public consumption and enjoyment. The Kirk isn't a coil spring rear shock, which gives it a huge weight reduction as well as consistent and progressive performance. It features a three way adjustable high and low speed compression and rebound along with an open bath damping cartridge with huge adjustability options. It eliminates pedal bob while maintaining small bump performance through a split hydraulic flow so when needed can keep rubber down while still allowing the rider to pedal through tough terrain and its lockout is very handy to cut off small bump reaction during long bumpy fire road climbing.

But along with a better performance output and fine tuning capability the Kirk is one of most expensive air shock options. Also like the Cane Creek Double Barrel Line, tuning the shock is tedious and necessary to get the best riding experience from your shock.  If you’re a seriously rider who’s tuned into their Tracer 275, or just need to know you have the best the Kick BOS is your shock.